There is something quite magical about the creative process of writing and something I've loved all my life. My first two books have been non-fiction and based upon my own personal experience of education, wellbeing and spirituality. However, I am also keen to explore the world of script-writing and fantasy – so watch this space!




The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress 

By Jennie Caswell and Naseem Ahsun

A laid back, non-judgemental and compassionate support system where you will discover your animal clan guide who will assist you during testing times:

  • Use our easy, laid-back guide questionnaire to determine your animal clan guide and discover your personality type
  • Discover what works to de-stress you during exam time and optimise your performance
  • Find your unique learning and exam preparation style
  • Learn how to build understanding relationships with lecturers, teachers, parents and carers
  • Become more self-aware of how stress affects you and discover tools to address stress in your life
  • Gain new successful results for you.



The Little Book of Animal Wisdom

May 2018

Ever felt a deeper connection to a pet or animal that goes beyond words?  Ever felt they were communicating with you?

For thousands of years, a strong relationship between humanity and the animal kingdom has existed.  Our ancestors had a closer relationship with the natural world and animal kingdom where they received insight and guidance that supported their wellbeing.

Unfortunately, in our busy lives, we have forgotten how to connect with them and with ourselves. So, it is not surprising that we often find ourselves out of sync in our lives.

However, all is not lost.  This precious gift lives within us, dormant and waiting for us to reclaim it.

With this easy to access book, you can discover how to rekindle this magical relationship and learn how to connect to your Power Animal and more.

Be supported in your wellbeing, access guidance and insight in your busy day-to-day lives through the wisdom of the Power Animals.

Discover comprehensive explanations of 21 Power Animals and how they can help your inward journey.

Learn how you can connect with your Power Animals through dance and the chakras for healing and wellness.

Experience guided meditations that will help you connect with your unique Power Animal.

Utilise these tools to support you on your life journey.


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