Power Animals

“’The journey is of more importance than the destination,” Panther Power Animal Message from –Discover Your Power Animal – How to Work With Your Animal Guides by Naz Ahsun

Have you ever felt a deep connection to an animal? 

A connection so deep it goes beyond words? 

Have you ever sensed that an animal, maybe a pet, was communicating with you?

If so, you may already know a bit about what it feels like to tune into your animal guide.  

These experiences may have left you with more questions than answers since our modern society doesn’t allow us to truly stop and listen.  Yet, for thousands of years, a deep relationship between humans and the Animal Kingdom has existed.

Our ancestors valued this intimate relationship where they could access the wisdom of Power Animals who acted as teachers, guides, and healers.

How to Work with Your Animal Guides

This book invites you to explore these connections more deeply. This is the natural heritage you have forgotten, and now is the time for you to awaken to yourself. In discovering your animal guides, you will discover your natural brilliance.

Benefits of Working with Your Animal Guides

Solutions to current challenges

Become aware of your limiting beliefs 

Access your natural resources

Develop new skills and talents

Ancestral Healing

Personal Empowerment

Self-care and self-love

Awakening to your brilliance

Discover How to Connect to Your Power Animal

Access the guidance and insight of Power animals who can support you in your busy, day-to-day life.


Our Guide

Naz Ahsun is a writer, author, and broadcast journalist from the UK, and appears on BBC Radio and Swindon 105.5.

Naz’s been involved in the spiritual world as a journalist for the last 8 years. However, she has always been connected to spirit and was reminded of this connection after a magical encounter with a robin in 2012 at the lowest point in her life.

After that, everything transformed…


Please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.


Naseem Ahsun


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