I’ve always been a voracious reader and gobble up books like kids gobble up candy and chocolate (I also have a liking for candy and chocolate; it goes rather well with a good book).

For years, I dreamed of becoming an author; after years of dreaming, it became a reality in 2015 whilst working as an English Teacher.

I increasingly found myself supporting students who were experiencing high levels of exam stress, including my own children.  So, after a conversation with my friend, Jennie Caswell, we decided to collaborate to provide young people with a toolkit for managing their stress in a healthy way.  Jennie’s expertise as a psychotherapist and my experience of education supported us in co-creating the H.U.G System (Healing, Understanding and Growth) and writing about it in, The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress.

My second book, The Little Book of Animal Wisdom, touches on my other interest and personal experiences. In this book, I share how our natural world, both seen and unseen communicates with us through the wisdom of animals. The book explores how we can reawaken our inherent ability to connect and communicate with this aspect of ourselves, animals and the natural world to support us in our day-to-day lives.

I have also been a radio presenter for The Bridge Radio and Swindon 105.5 – I love radio, so it’s great to have my own podcast where I will be sharing all things publishing from authors, experts in the industry plus exploring this world from a diverse and inclusive perspective.

I am currently working on my biggest project yet, my first ever fantasy novel.  I’ve been wanting to write this book since I was 13, but the story wasn’t ready to be told until now. So dear reader, watch this space…


Naz x

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