The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress

“An innovative blend of guidance and ‘DIY mentoring’ for handling exams and related forms of stress” Gordon Law – M.Ed. Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst

A laid back, non-judgemental and compassionate support system where you will discover your animal clan guide who will assist you during testing times.

  • Use our easy, laid back guide questionnaire to determine your animal clan guide and discover your personality type.
  • Discover what works to de-stress you during exam time and optimise your performance.
  • Find your unique learning and exam preparation style.
  • Learn how to build understanding relationships with lecturers, teachers, parents and carers.
  • Gain new, successful results for you.


The Little Book of Animal Wisdom

Have you ever felt a deep connection to a pet or animal that goes beyond words?

Ever felt that they were communicating with you?

For thousands of years, a deep relationship between humans and the Animal Kingdom has existed. Our ancestors valued this intimate relationship where they could access the wisdom of Power Animals who acted as teachers, guides and healers.

Unfortunately, in our busy lives, we have forgotten this inherent connection to them.

Now, you can rekindle this valuable relationship with this easy-to-use book.

Discover how to connect to your Power Animal. Access the guidance and insight of 21 Power Animals who can support you in your busy, day-to-day life.

Learn how to apply the gifts of your Power Animals through dance and your chakra system.

Utilise these tools to reawaken your natural heritage.


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