From my very first speaking engagement at the age of 9, I have always found the spoken word a powerful medium. However, it wasn’t until I published my first book that I was launched, more formally, into this field.
My experience in education, exam stress management and wellbeing, homelessness and writing has given me the opportunity to share my story and experience to many audiences including: at The Best You Expo 2017; schools, community groups and workshops.
We each have a story to tell. Our lives and our experiences are unique. It is from this uniqueness that we can offer an insight, a solution, or a different perspective that supports others and the wider community.
I do believe that we are here to uplift each other on this journey that is our life, increasingly so, as new challenges come our way, requiring a holistic approach, collaboration and new solutions.
If you would like to book me as a speaker, then please do email me for further details.

Book Writing Intensive 101

Book Writing Intensive 101

If you want to publish your book in record time then sign up for our Book Writing Intensive 101 course.

We hold an intensive three times a year where we help you to write your book in just 2 weeks! From there, we take your book to print, offering a professional and quality service so that you have a professional looking book to be proud of.

What can you expect during this intensive course?

Weekend writing retreat (excluding accommodation and travel) valued @ £560.00
Writing Coach services valued @ £2800.00 for 14 days 1:1 coaching
Editing services valued @ £13.60 per 1000 words
Proof reading services valued @ £9.60 per 1000 words
Design and printing services including design of the book cover, pagination, proofing, print cost plus 100 copies of your book valued @ £3200.00

Total Value: £7,256.00

Total investment for you: £1997.00

Limited spaces for 8 people.

A non-refundable £500 booking fee will be required to secure your place. This will be deducted from the total price for the course. There will be a 14-day cooling off period.

Book Writing Intensive 101 2018:

7 April 2018

Other dates tbc

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